Mockbin allows you to generate custom endpoints to test, mock, and track HTTP requests & responses between libraries, sockets and APIs.

Feature Highlights

Mock Custom Endpoints

Mock custom endpoints using any HTTP Archive (HAR) response object (can be used as webhooks, api mocks, or anything you want!)

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Don't like JSON? No problem! Mockbin supports output in JSON, YAML and XML, as well as an HTML view for in-browser testing

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Log and Inspect Calls

Log and inspect incoming calls to your custom endpoints (get detailed view to how clients are calling your api/webhook)

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Custom HTTP Method

No longer are you limited to GET & POST, Mockbin accepts all standard Methods and allows method overriding

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CORS Headers

Debug your front-end JavaScript HTTP calls from any domain, Mockbin will dynamically generate Cross-Origin resource sharing headers

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HTTP Archive (HAR)

Mockbin relies on the popular HTTP Archive (HAR) format to create mock endpoints (Bins), import data and describe HTTP call logs.

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